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“Good to great transformations never happen in one fell swoop.  They come about in a cumulative process – step by step, action by action, decision by decision – that adds up to sustained and spectacular results.”
– Jim Collins

Entering 2016 I reflected on where we had been:  Nearing 3,500 homes sold over 25 years. Consistently ranked as one of the top real estate teams in the country. A loyal past client base.  $54,000,000 in closed sales volume in 2015. We had become good at what we do.  That was the problem.  True transformation sometimes requires breaking things even when they are not broken. So instead of writing the traditional business plan I wrote our manifesto.  I entitled it 2.0. It was a declaration that greatness would pervade every aspect of our team and thus be transferred to our clientele.  The foundation would be built on the following four pillars:

Service. In most traditional brokerages the standard and level of customer care are entirely left up to the self employed, independent contractor, real estate agent.  It’s the luck of the draw.  We implemented greatness by having 5 specialists involved with each client at different stages of the transaction.  From the lead agent to our concierge service we make sure marketing, photography, showings, listing and contract management, escrow and loan services are delivering a five star customer experience.

Standards. Real estate is a business you can do on the side.  It’s difficult on the agent and more difficult on the client.  All of our partners are full time agents.  Real estate is their chosen profession.  Even our interns and those in our apprentice programs must be partnered with a senior broker.  Your biggest investment requires that standard of care.

Teamwork. A traditional real estate office has 100 agents competing against each other and what’s worse the agent is supposed to be a jack of all trades. Greatness is different. Specialists are assigned. Brokers often times partner to best serve a client. Profits are shared. We’re big picture. Create an army of raving fans and business gets simpler.  When the client wins we all win.

Leadership. Most real estate managers have either never sold a home or it’s been a while.  We believe it’s hard to teach from an outdated playbook.  We also believe in a simple business concept called being hands on.  Our leaders are practitioners.  Day in and day out. They don’t talk about the  good old days and how they use to do it. They talk about what worked this morning that created a mile wide smile on their clients face.

Those four pillars are the foundation of the table from which we serve others.  Our objective: create a world class experience for both buyers and sellers.  Make it count.  Make it memorable.  Have it be inspirational.  Have it be moving.



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